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Precision 2015+ Ford Mustang Ecoboost NX2 Drop-in 52mm Turbocharger

Delivering outstanding performance with a Dual Ball Bearing design and Billet Compressor Wheel, all while maintaining reliability and ease of installation as a true drop-in, the Precision Turbo NX2. Wake up your Ecoboost Mustang today.



Precision NX2 Drop-in
The most popular drop in on the market. Power expectations for cars with normal bolton modifications (found in our stage 2/3 packages) will be as follows 91 octane 340-360whp 93 Octane 370-385whp e30/methanol 400-420whp on a stock motor. On full e85 or with enough methanol on a built motor you can expect to hit 480-500whp.
Turbosmart 19psi wastegate
Upgrade to a higher spring tension wastegate to help combat boost drop-off in top end. I recommend this if you plan on using higher octane fuels like E30/E85, or methanol.
Custom Tune
What is a lifetime tuning package? Simply put the lifetime tuning option ensures you never have to pay for a another tune or retune for your cobb accessport again. No matter how many parts you change on your car you will continue to receive revisions free of charge. The only exception to this is with the addition of port injection or 6th port fueling. As these use additional controllers that also need to be calibrated. With the Standard tune you get the same great custom tune you just pay a retune fee for part changes. *Base map files/Revisions are sent out 3 business days after the Tuning Request Form/Purchase is received*

From $2,351.99

The Ultimate Drop-In Turbocharger for the 2015 to 2022 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

Direct Drop-In

Direct drop-in replacement (easy install, no adaptors needed) installs without modifications

Billet Wheel

High-efficiency NX2 compressor & turbine wheels (more horsepower better response, less lag

Twin Scroll

Just like the OEM turbo, the NX2 uses a divided, one-piece twin-scroll turbine housing proprietary to the Mustang Ecoboost. Turbo lag has a new enemy.

Dual Ball Bearing

The NX2 CHRA features a dual ball bearing to help reduce spool friction and increase longevity.


With a responsive, and torquey twin-scroll design, the stock turbo on the Ford EcoBoost Mustang is one of a kind. Because of the reverse rotation twin-scroll design, an aftermarket upgrade is unable to properly sit in the stock location. The solution? To develop an innovative, clean-slate design built to bolt on like stock but offer the power aptitude of an aftermarket turbo. The billet compressor wheel was designed for a perfect balance of peak power and response and hand-crafted to slip smoothly into the stock turbo position. It utilizes their latest generation blade aero with 11 full blades (no splitter) for a max flow rate of 52 lb/min (spinning Counterclockwise).

500whp is possible maxed out on ethanol with supporting mods.



Turbocharger: STAGE 1 Precision Turbo NX2

Compressor Blades: (NX2 Billet) 52mm

Turbine Blades: (NX2 Inconel) 52mm

Turbine Housing Investment: Cast Stainless Twin Scroll .70 a/r

Turbine Fitment: 2015-2022 Ford Mustang Ecoboost





Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in