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After your initial consultation adding additional modifications to your vehicle can alter the tune and require a recalibration. Larger diameter intakes, aftermarket downpipes, and larger intercoolers are just a few examples of modifications that will require an alteration to your existing tune. This purchase can also be used to add an additional race gas, E85, or methanol tune. Please contact us prior to submitting your payment so we can ensure this is the appropriate choice for your situation.


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3 reviews for Retune

  1. Jeff Trompeter

    Love the fast response and personal touch. I talk with my tuner on a regular basis. And you can’t beat the tune.

  2. Joel (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW! The customer service is amazing! Will Dawson is an awesome tuner,had a couple hickups as far as CEL coming on but Will knew exactly what the problem was and got to it. Car feels like a monster on my e85 tune! Look no further guys and put this page on your favorites. I see all the talk from the mazdaspeed guys was right PURPLE DRANK TUNING FTW!!!!!!!

  3. Jose Villaman

    I heard all mazdaspeed guys talking about PD tuning and their customer service so I decide to give them a shot. I couldn’t be happier with their service and tune. My car feels like a Beast I am in love all over again with my car and we haven’t finish 92 octane tune yet, next e85.Will Dawson is a fantastic tuner and very patient with a few mechanical hiccups that pop out during the tuning section.

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