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After your initial consultation adding additional modifications to your vehicle can alter the tune and require a recalibration. Larger diameter intakes, aftermarket downpipes, and larger intercoolers are just a few examples of modifications that will require an alteration to your existing tune. This purchase can also be used to add an additional race gas, E85, or methanol tune. Please contact us prior to submitting your payment so we can ensure this is the appropriate choice for your situation.


This purchase can also be used for Live/Remote Tuning or satisfy a continuation fee for exceeding your 6 month grace period to finish tuning. 



38 reviews for Retune

  1. Jomar Ocasio (verified owner)

    Everything was quick and awesome, every question i had was answered and if informative Will Dawson is just a awesome tuner to work with 5 stars.

  2. Patrick Sciarra (verified owner)

    Excellent work done from PD Tuning.

  3. kahlin dawson (verified owner)

    Will is amazing tuner, he has been the only one I trust when it comes to my car, this is my 3rd tuning session with him since 2014ish (both pumps and e-30) always professional and answers all your questions, car has ran perfectly smooth each and everytime highly recommend pd tuning

  4. Arthur T. (verified owner)

    Will done a great job on my tune. Working on my e30 tune now. Car runs great!

  5. Travis (verified owner)

    The Best

  6. Jose R. (verified owner)

    Quick response with the new tune. Thank Will always making the speed drive the best she could

  7. Ian Adams (verified owner)

    Will has been my tuner from day one in 2015 with my first speed 3. No the first one didn’t ZZB. I sold it and realized I couldn’t live without it so I purchased another one. PD tuning has never disappointed me. They have always provided me with a safe, reliable tune that never disappoints. They are extremely knowledgeable with the platform and have always answered my questions as to what I should add or do next to make the platform better. If you are not sure as to who to use for your tuner stop looking. Purple Drank Tuning is the answer

  8. luke S. (verified owner)

    Your guys company is amazing I recommend your company any chance I get. I went through Freektune and I wasn’t the happiest with them. My friend recommend you guys and I couldn’t be happier. Will is an amazing guy and I couldn’t be any more happy.

  9. Christopher Moya (verified owner)

    I dint really get a retune after all lol but will n pd tunning are the best and have my car running better than it ever hassss!!!!!!!! Let them put that purple in the drank !!!!! You will thank me later 😝🤫🤩👌😂

  10. Marlo S. (verified owner)

    They do great work, only thing I wish they could give u a est. on hp on tunes.

  11. Gibsen (verified owner)

    Will has been super helpful during the tuning process and also very informative if you have any questions regarding anything. 100% recommend pdtuning, has opened up my car so much more.

  12. Jose (verified owner)

    Will at PD tuning is the man, always has the best tune for my car. Very informational in the platform and trustworthy.

  13. Jesse V. (verified owner)

    Been dealing with Will Dawson and PDTuning for awhile now. Always been good to me. Quick response to any or my questions and tuning. Wouldn’t go any other way!

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Will has done a wonderful job with response time and help.

  15. Kyle Christiansen (verified owner)

    Great help

  16. Edgard Valencia (verified owner)

    Nothing more I can ask for. I went from tuning 91 and asking question over and over on what’s better running in my car as for mod and power goals. After my 91 tuning I bought my e30 tune right away and next morning my tuning started and only 3 revisions to get my final and I can feel the difference. I would recommend will to any of my friends as communication Is key. Best tuner out in are platform definitely going to get more mod and coming right back to Will. Thank you for tuning my car to what I wanted as power goals.

  17. Michael s. (verified owner)

    My car is being a problem so have not finished tune process yet but will is definitely the mad scientist for this car and has been awesome to deal with thru the process would not go anywhere else for this platform.

  18. Cole G. (verified owner)

  19. Riley Mayo (verified owner)

    Great service & the best staff

  20. Kelly D. (verified owner)

    Will is a master at tuning and quick! E-tuneing is very easy to do and he will answer any questions you have…

  21. Dimitri Rodgers (verified owner)

    didnt get a retune

  22. Lucas Andreucci (verified owner)

  23. Brennan G. (verified owner)

    This was an add-on for live tuning and an E30 tune. It was totally worth it!

  24. Trent (verified owner)

    Great response time! If there’s an issue going on with the car, you’re going to know about it. Fix your shit before trying to hit 400WHP on a blown K04

  25. Ryan Munsell (verified owner)

    Will does a great job. Very thorough and the car runs amazing

  26. Dennard Taylor (verified owner)

    Excellent service, outstanding communication during the process

  27. jeff jenkins (verified owner)

    tunning with ryan has been a easy as can be and the car is really waking up

  28. Kelly D. (verified owner)

    Will Dawson is a bad ass. I highly recommend him to tune any vehicle that has aftermarket parts or engine rebuilds that need to be runed to run at full efficiency. I’m I’m awe with how much more smooth and efficient my sons car has been ever since he tuned it, with his help on e tuning it with me. Easy peasy on my end…

  29. Andy W. (verified owner)

  30. Jose R. (verified owner)

    Will Has been Tuning my car for close to 2 years now and once again he always comes through with communication as well as advice.

  31. Jordan Fitzsimmons (verified owner)

    I have loved working with PD Tuning for many years now! Will is always thorough, and answer any questions you have!

  32. Jordan G. (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure tuning with will

  33. SIGIFREDO ROMERO (verified owner)

    If Will from PD Tuning suggests anything, just do it! Thank you Will for a very fast and easy Tuning experience!

  34. Dennard Taylor (verified owner)

    The best in business

  35. Dustin Aco (verified owner)

  36. Ben Breneman (verified owner)

    Great communication with Will D. Prompt responses . Follow directions and you won’t be disappointed.

  37. Cody Glass (verified owner)

    Will is an awesome tuner he’s direct and to the point. He had me call him and walked me through a PI set up for my car that he currently tuning now! If it wasn’t for will my car wouldn’t be anywhere close to what is now. You cannot go wrong with PD tuning!

  38. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Bought my speed6 and it was on a mild tune only hitting 16psi so I decided to get a tune from Pd and man does it feel awesome and now hitting 21-23psi. Pretty quick with responding usually 2-3 business days but pretty damb worth it in my opinion. Highly recommend getting a tune from pd especially if you don’t want to wait long for revisions. Freektune is also an option but if you’re in a rush or don’t want to wait weeks go to pd, both are amazing though.

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