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Mazda Auxiliary Fuel System Tune (6th Port or Port Injection)

(5 customer reviews)


This purchase is for vehicles with supplemental fueling using additional injectors with an external controller.

Auxiliary fueling systems use a secondary controller that requires programming as well as adjusting the factory ecu to accommodate for the additional fuel.

Base map files/Revisions are typically sent out within 1-3 days after the Tuning Request Form/Purchase is received


5 reviews for Mazda Auxiliary Fuel System Tune (6th Port or Port Injection)

  1. Phillip Olivarri (verified owner)

    Will Dawson has always been a good person. I remember my first tune ever with him, he called me while I was at the track to make sure I knew what I what doing. That’s the last impression that made me a forever customer. He’s been a great help in Remote troubleshooting. He’s raw with telling it like it is…. I’m not done tuning, Texas heat is a killer and my car doesn’t have ac, but we will be done soon enough. I’m happy with everything I have got so far.

  2. Dennard Taylor (verified owner)

    Great communication, excellent tuning

  3. Ethan G. (verified owner)

    Will at it again, never fails to surprise! Been tuning with him for 9 years grand slam everytime!

  4. Ben Breneman (verified owner)

  5. Zach Nieman (verified owner)

    I’ve had my speed 3 tuned by Will from mostly stock to fully built making 600+ whp and I’ve never had an issue that was tune related. He’s always sent revisions back in a timely manner and has gone above and beyond in terms of answering my questions or helping me figure out issues on my car. I couldn’t recommend anyone more to tune an MZR motor!

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