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Mazdaspeed 3/6 Cobb Accessport E-Tune

(131 customer reviews)


We provide tuning for stock or larger turbos ( bnr, 28r, 30r, 35r, precision, efr, etc.). The factory rods cannot handle a large amount of low end torque. Our tuning process provides a safe environment, this allows individuals with a factory or a larger aftermarket turbo to increase power reliably. Please fill out the Tuning request form after submitting your payment and a tuner will contact you with further details.

*If additional modifications are added (excluding aftermarket turbochargers) during the tuning process, or after completion, a retune fee of $100 will be required. The addition of an aftermarket turbo will require a new tune which you can purchase on this page.

*Tuning is to be completed within 6 months of receiving your base map if you exceed this point a continuation fee will be requested by your tuner to complete the process.

*Base map files/Revisions are typically sent out within 2-3 business days after the Tuning Request Form/Purchase is received


131 reviews for Mazdaspeed 3/6 Cobb Accessport E-Tune

  1. Phillip Olivarri (verified owner)

    Will Dawson has always been a good person. I remember my first tune ever with him, he called me while I was at the track to make sure I knew what I what doing. That’s the last impression that made me a forever customer. He’s been a great help in Remote troubleshooting. He’s raw with telling it like it is…. I’m not done tuning, Texas heat is a killer and my car doesn’t have ac, but we will be done soon enough. I’m happy with everything I have got so far.

  2. James Swangler (verified owner)

    Will is a monster. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Will is always there to answer questions and is quick to get revisions back, can’t wait for better weather to get more logs. PD for the win!

  3. nick g. (verified owner)

  4. Gibsen C. (verified owner)

  5. Joshua Baes (verified owner)

  6. Cameron (verified owner)

    What a great adventure this has been so far looking forward to continued work with this company to make my car the best it can be from getting quick maps to answered questions couldn’t be happier and looking forward to tuning again as I build the car more

  7. Joshua Esquivel (verified owner)

    Will from PD is super helpful And a great tuner forsure!

  8. Craig T. (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say how happy I was with the whole experience with Will, and PD Tuning! He was Great at communicating expectations, time frame, and what he expected prior to tuning. Looking forward to where this this car will go from here!! Thanks again Will, and anyone looking to do any tuning, watch Will Dawson’s FB videos.

  9. Andrew (verified owner)

    I can’t be happier with Will at PD ! All of his new maps have been perfect and his attention to detail, while trying to meet my goals with the car has been outstanding! I was in search of a new tuner after a couple bad experiences with a previous one and I couldn’t be more pleased with PD tuning. Absolutely no regrets in choosing the PD tuning team ! Quick responses, even through this pandemic and a fast turn around for new maps has been very refreshing ! Looking forward to continue working with him as we keep dialing the car in

  10. Dakota Normann (verified owner)

    Second time tuning with will and I must say it’s always a pleasure! He will help if you have any questions and point you in the right direction. 100% recommend for anyone that is going for just a little more pep to fill out build!

  11. Luke Simon (verified owner)

  12. Angel J (verified owner)

    Car feels great! It really is a big difference switching from an ots map to a real tune. Will is super respectful, and on average I got my maps in 3-4 days, he is fast! I strongly recommend PD Tuning!

  13. Tyler Sopo (verified owner)

    I’ve been tuned by a couple different tuners, including dabbling in it myself a little and by far Will has hooked me up the best and been quick with every response. I’ve been slowly working on my build and getting the car where I want it but I know no matter what I throw on it he’ll make sure it’s dialed in and ready to boot scoot and boogie.

  14. Karl Salac (verified owner)

    The best tuner I’ve seen. Very fast and smooth. Will is such a good guy. U can easily call or message them.

  15. Braden Gates (verified owner)

    Great response time and always answered the phone when I had questions!

  16. Flaco (verified owner)

    For the price, gains and reliability its super affordable it does take time to get it done but definitely worth it, i wish it could be a faster to tune as others tuners out there definitely i recommend it to any of my speeds friends or whoever needs reviews about tuners.

  17. Zachary Henry (verified owner)

    Will is the best and strictly tuning for the most power while keeping it reliable and safe

  18. Kevin Borishkevich (verified owner)

    Will is a beast with tuning the mazdaspeed platforms. He got back to me quickly and explained everything to the derail. He was helpful and created a mean ass tune for my speed 3.

  19. David S. (verified owner)

    Tune hasn’t been completed yet but I’ve seen incredible progress on my car at only rev 1.2, can’t wait to tje final revision and see how it drives!

  20. Brandyn Stewart (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the tune. For the MS3 platform Will is the absolute best!

  21. Freddie Medina (verified owner)

    My man, will with that great customer service 🤙🏻💪🏻

  22. Anthony Jaconette (verified owner)

    Have had multiple different tunes from PD on my car and every single one has been absolutely great. Car is very strong and response times and support is better than any other. PD for life if you ask me

  23. Noah C. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend PD Tuning. My car has been tuned by Will for years now and has ran amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything more. They are there if you need them and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to these platforms. Highly recommend.

  24. Nicholas P. (verified owner)

    Amazing turn around time and always helpful to make sure the car is running at it’s absolute best. 12/10 recommend by the guys here at Graveyard Performance

  25. Luis V. (verified owner)

    Great service. Definitely recommend will and his team! Fast revision and fast response!!

  26. Timothy S. (verified owner)

    Will has been awesome with quick turn around! Recommend him to anyone looking to spruce up their ride.

  27. lee o brien (verified owner)

    Very knowledgable on the disi platform and has alot of patience even when asked the most obvious of qeustions 😂

  28. Daniel V. (verified owner)

    Top notch service! I am very pleased with my tune and thankful for all the knowledge Will shared about the mazdaspeed 3 platform. Quick turnaround times and for the price PD Tuning has gone above and beyond my expectations making the tuning process as smooth as possible. The car runs great and I will definitely come back for more of that purple drank when i upgrade my setup or build another motor.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really good customer support and great tuning maps. Very knowledgeable and definitely recommend to any MS owner!

  30. Andrew Misener (verified owner)

    Will is champ and the car runs amazing

  31. Andrew Brower (verified owner)

    Could not be more pleased. Quick turn around. Great service. I will be back once I get more parts! Proud to put the PD sticker on the back window!

  32. Luis C. (verified owner)

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very approachable and responds fast. will teach you on everything you need. overall very great tuner.

  34. Dylan Mundis (verified owner)

    10/10 would recommend, Will has done my tuning for me and has helped me every step of the way.

  35. Tom Harris (verified owner)

    Will has been fantastic to deal with and has answered all my questions. Been a very easy and confidence inspiring to know that the tune will be good.

  36. Dennard Taylor (verified owner)

  37. Jacob Easley (verified owner)

    Will is just hands down one of the most knowledgeable persons who tunes this platform. He has been super quick, very responsive, and has he made my car move! Extremely satisfied. Can’t wait until the whole tuning process is done!😈

  38. Jesse Macpherson (verified owner)

    Awesome work car feels awesome

  39. Dalen Whitten (verified owner)

  40. Ian S. (verified owner)

    I recently decided to go with PDTuning after my previous motor blew due to improper tuning from my previous tuner. The car has been running better and healthier than ever, and I have complete faith in Will that he will put together something that is safe and reliable, but incredibly fun to drive. Thank PD!! You guys are incredible.

  41. Dason (verified owner)

    The response time of 1-3 business days is a promise. The car is running so so good he made sure I had all the right things before tuning me and preceding to tune me very safe very reliable thank you will!!

  42. Kaden D. (verified owner)

    Will was helpful and stuck to the three day response time very well.

  43. Dylan (verified owner)

    Awesome tuning experience the car feels amazing and runs great . Coming back for retunes as more mods come . quick with revisions and always there to answer questions that you may have along the way .

  44. aj dolekary (verified owner)

    Extremely knowledgeable people, Will has helped me a lot. My car is running fantastic. Definitely recommend

  45. Jordon Wade (verified owner)

    Will made my car faster than I ever imagined stage 2 could be for this car, sadly I haven’t finished my revisions for him because I’m waiting for parts to fix my fuel pressure but so far so good!

  46. Daniel LeBlanc (verified owner)

    Great communication. Fantastic experience. Strongly recommend.

  47. Alex Cristofoli (verified owner)

    Awesome support, great tuning. Will always stick with PDtuning.
    No ragrets

  48. Daniel L. (verified owner)

    I paid for 2 tunes (91 and e85 blend). From start to finished, Will has been exceptional! From all my newbie questions he had to deal with, he answered it all. The tune is DEFINITELY noticeable and E85 blended tune is a MUST! A huge improvement over the OTS tunes Cobb has. A+++!!!

  49. Marlo S. (verified owner)

    Will D is a great tuner answers my questions and calls all the time and always points me in the right direction when there’s any issues on my behalf would recommend PD tuning to anyone. Thanks

  50. Chris (verified owner)

    Communication was prompt and revisions timely. Car runs great! Keep it up man!

  51. Josh (verified owner)

    I got my Speed 3 tuned by Will and It is running better than It did stock. He is the best tuner I’ve ever used for any of my cars and he is quick with responses and willing to help his customer with anything and everything. I’ve already recommended two people to use him and I’ve only had my tune for 2 days! Keep up the great work at PDtuning!

  52. Josh W. (verified owner)

  53. Kyle (verified owner)

    Loving the tune so far, car performs way better than my previous tune, while also having way less knock on WOT, 10/10 recommend

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great tune, 3 days turn around consistently. Very nice.

  55. Hunter B. (verified owner)

    Best in the business!

  56. Seth Leon (verified owner)

    Will is amazing!! After all mechanical problems were taken care of on my end, his turn around process is fast and will never go anywhere else!!

  57. Angel Herrera (verified owner)

    Will has been very helpful and knowledgeable.

  58. Carlos Rivera (verified owner)

    Amazing tuner, quick response, and all around great guy. Look forward in working more with will in the future.

  59. Haydar Kaplan (verified owner)

    Doing well Will! Highly recommend

  60. Salvatore B. (verified owner)

    The best just rebuilt my engine I ask him if can wait till I break in he told me no problem

  61. Jonathan White (verified owner)

    Will was easy to work with and the tune woke the car up. Awesome experience, very recommended!

  62. Bischen Maragh (verified owner)

    Got recommended by a mechanic so I tried this company and my experience was 10/10 Will was very helpful and informative now my car drives like a dream these people know what they are doing and if it’s not safe for your car they won’t do it they make sure your car is tuned right in a safe way

  63. Gedney S. (verified owner)

    Car drivability and gas mileage has improved tremendously . Took a while to complete but end result was a plus .

  64. Carlos Rivera (verified owner)

    Great experience, quick to respond. Couldn’t be any better

  65. vhinrye (verified owner)

    I had my first etune ever for mazdaspeed3 by Will
    10 yrs+ car still strong and ZERO issue,,with a daily driven high performance car,they deliver power and
    REALIABILITY.10+ 🙋🏽‍♂️..tuned by Bug Daddy Will

  66. Lucas Andreucci (verified owner)

    Having a mazdaspeed tuned by Will has been a great experience, Communication is very clear and response times are more than reasonable, It’s good to know that somebody that lives in Australia can have their car tuned by someone in America without any hassle, Highly recommended ..

    Very pleased with this service and it will be ongoing..

  67. Brendan King (verified owner)

    Great experience, completely improved my car. I would recommend purple drank to everyone looking to tune their mazdaspeed!

  68. Flaco Rosa (verified owner)

    2nd time tuning with will definitely makes my car fly never had an issue with it and if I do he fix it or tells me how I can fix it wish the tuning process was faster thats my only concern other than that will is the way to go

  69. Rudy G. (verified owner)

    Will dawson at PDtuning is very knowledgeable and awesome. He’s always there to help and answer any questions you may have concerning tunes or a new build. I’ll always be going to him for my mazda tuning needs.

  70. Nathaniel Cosme (verified owner)

    First time in the tuning a car guy here and from start to finish Will had to deal with a newbie like me and answer my stupid questions. Without a shadow of doubt best tuner in the game right now. He is always concise, and if you have any questions he will answer it in the most educational way possible (especially for guys like me who are new to the scene.) At first car was running off a OTS tune and was rough, but Will did his magic and had my baby purring. There is a reason why Abdul chose PD to tune his MS6 (fastest Mazdaspeed6 in the world) simply because they are the best!! *****

  71. Dimitri Rodgers (verified owner)

    solid tune, i didnt zoom zoom boom yet while pushing it hardd

  72. Paul Knox (verified owner)

    Will was amazing to deal with throughout the entire process. Transformed my car! Would highly recommend and I will be back! 10/10

  73. Dustin A. (verified owner)

    Have nothing but respect for the Team at PD. Tuning process is straight forward and the tuners respond on a timely manner. Very good on giving feedback on concerns and they look out on making sure your car is running right. Make sure your car is running right and they will make it better.

  74. Jose Robert (verified owner)

  75. Angel G. (verified owner)

  76. Mitchell K. (verified owner)

    PD Tuning did an amazing job with my car. From the base map all the way up until the final tune it was a very simple process. I am very happy with my car and I will definitely be using PD Tuning for future tunes.

  77. Carl Mink (verified owner)

  78. Joe W. (verified owner)

  79. Julian C. (verified owner)

    Will was really helpful with the info he provided and the service

  80. Brennan G. (verified owner)

    Will was great to work with! He was very thorough and patient. The car is running a lot stronger now 👍

  81. Gage (verified owner)

    Great experience and car feels great way better then any of the OTS maps 🤧

  82. Jonathan P. (verified owner)

    Will Dawson is tuning my 2013 MS3 with a CST5 and I’m currently on my 6th revision. He really takes the time to dial everything in so I can really lay down some power, but still be a reliable daily driver. PD Tuning will always be my go-to for as long as I own a Speed.

  83. Kevon K. (verified owner)

    Fast and knowledgable! Thanks Will!

  84. Nicklaus Schmeckpeper (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with the tuning process, got all my updates back in 2-3 days and the instructions were easy to follow. Coming from a Cobb stage 1 map the PD tune is light-years ahead in drivability and power.

  85. Julian Y. (verified owner)

    Patient, thorough, and efficient. Second time using them for the same car and it’s still running strong.

  86. Jordan Fitzsimmons (verified owner)

    I have used PDTuning for many years now. The tuning, customer service, and response time are amazing! Highly recommend to anyone!

  87. Brandon Rogers (verified owner)

    Will is awesome I feel bad because i asked some dumb questions and said some dumb things even though I knew the answer but he brushed it off and gave me tons of advice when I asked questions

  88. Cole Willis (verified owner)

    Great turnaround times and awesome tunes!!

  89. Jerod M. (verified owner)

    Worked well and gave clear instructions. Tuned my car with confidence and made it run it’s best.

  90. Neal Turo (verified owner)

    Picked up a used built ms3. Wanted to get off the original tune from previous owner.. choose purple drank.. 21psi. Bnrs3 woahh.. the torquee.. just insane!! I’d recommend any mazdaspeed owner to go this route! And I’ll be coming back to retune my bnrs4 car.. because well…no one tunes better like purple drank! Turn around time has been 3 days or less! Every revision

  91. Jordan C. (verified owner)

    Very good so far. Car is running better and better with every revision. Thanks will!

  92. Manuel Rosales (verified owner)

    Etuning was really easy to do and really fast communication with will and didnt have much things go wrong really my car still drives great hasnt blown up even though i fully built it myself🤙🏻

  93. Jayson A. (verified owner)

    Pd tuning team and Will always took care of me. Great turn around time and best of all amazing maps. As for my clients I always us PD.

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing tool

  95. Manuel Weyman (verified owner)

  96. Ahmed (verified owner)

    Will was able to complete the tune in a timely manner. He worked with me on various problems with the car as they popped up and was patient as I resolved them. The tune itself is powerful and smooth.

  97. Ethan G. (verified owner)

    Been tuning with Will Dawson for over 6 years. Everyone of my friends that has a 2.3L get sent straight to him. He does phenomenal work and you will not be disappointed.

  98. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m still in tuning and it has been a great experience.

  99. Matthew Carroll (verified owner)

    Tuning went well tell I spon a baring, never got to finish my tune, hopefully we can pick up where we Left off One my engine is in (week or two)

  100. Rodney A. (verified owner)

  101. Pedro Feliciano-Negron (verified owner)

  102. Tyler (verified owner)

    I was referred to PD tuning by several buddies in the Mazdaspeed community and Will specifically. I couldn’t be happier, currently working on e30 revisions and so far pretty happy with the progress made thus far.

  103. Wameng (verified owner)

  104. Josh A. (verified owner)

    Amazing service, fast turn around on tunes and my car runs incredible!

  105. Eric C. (verified owner)

    The entire process has been amazing. Great communication along the way. Will has been able to guide me through the process and find a few issues i didnt even realize the car was having. The tune is on point and the car runs insane.

  106. Joshua Santos (verified owner)

    Will has been extremely helpful and very responsive! Highly recommend using him and this platform for great tunes !

  107. Oliver Clark (verified owner)

    Overall been helpful with questions, getting back quickly with response and revisions. And given when someone starts a pro tune for this platform there is a small handful of guys you can go with that everybody mentions. So it’s a decision that has to be made who you choose. And really it’s said over and over there isn’t a huge difference but at the same time you do have to pick which person you are putting trust in with your motor and tune. Within my research I made the best choice with reviews and facts from others who have been down this same rd and I chose PD for a few reason over the others. And that was simply for turn around time and overall others steering me in the direction of PD with there own personal stories. This is my first pro tune and so far am happy with the progress. I can read my catalogs from the beginning to now and see the difference on paper and better yet can feel the difference when driving!! And that’s what it’s all about. I have amassed parts for a big turbo build so in the near future will have to retune with the new parts I’ll be installing and when I do so I know without a doubt who I’m coming back too and that will be PD. You have a loyal customer simply by the results you have given me so far. And that can’t be sugar coated. You get what you pay for and I simply believe this was the right choice from the start to go with PD for my tuning needs!

  108. Moises Beltran (verified owner)

    Amazing job

  109. angel alvarez (verified owner)

    Will was very responsive to my emails and helped answer my questions to the best of his abilities. The tune itself seems to be running perfect on the car, very reasonable price for his services. I did only wish i could add some type of pops as a option for a little bit more money, but he declined that option which so be it🤷🏽‍♂️. Overall great tuner and would highly recommend

  110. Heather N. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my tuner, always detailed and there when you need him. Definitely can tell he wants what’s best for your car.

  111. Dennard (verified owner)

    Excellent service, great communication

  112. michael m. (verified owner)

    Awesome so professional no muck around so willing to work for there customers A+

  113. Zach B. (verified owner)

    The process has been easy and understandable. Definitely seeing the difference 👌

  114. Cole (verified owner)

  115. Dani Devac (verified owner)

  116. Riley P. (verified owner)

    The quality assurance with these guys and their tuning capabilities are incredible. So good that their name spreads down here to Australia for the high quality tune and service. The knowledge is incredible and always happy to help and assist where possible. Couldn’t recommend enough. Appreciate all the good work 🙂

  117. Joseph S. (verified owner)

    Quick communication and very insightful during the tune process!

  118. Larry W. (verified owner)

    Fantastic service from Will, on my 3rd revision and the new turbo is waking up nicely.Looking forward to the final results.

  119. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast response and always there when I needed questions answered

  120. James Swangler (verified owner)

    Will is very helpful during the tuning process and knowledgeable with the mazdaspeed platform

  121. Brandon Szombathy (verified owner)

    Will and I have been working on my Mazdaspeed 3 now the last few months time and time again he’s giving me the information and possible diagnostics I’ve needed to succeed with my build. Super understanding and great response times and for the price i really can’t recommend anyone to go anywhere else but here

  122. Josh M. (verified owner)

    Great experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a tune.

  123. Chris Singer (verified owner)


  124. michael c. (verified owner)

    turnaround time was amazing, i really enjoyed the detailed instructions as well as the videos

  125. Sean Parsons (verified owner)

    A great experience overall! My Mazada is truly a changed car after the tuning. Would highly recommend PDtuning to anyone. Thank you.

  126. ian maynard (verified owner)

  127. Axel Hernandez (verified owner)

    All I will say (pun intended) is thank you Will.

    I felt huge confidence with all the crowd cheering for either tuning solution but felt comfortable with him. He not only was fast and on point, but also made all my efforts in putting the right parts beforehand in my car. I think I went the right route with gathering all the stuff I needed, throwing it all in and getting Will to work on my tune. It literally took a month and a week, both him and I were diligent in sending all files and logs back and forth as needed and thus finished in a very, very short time. Car feels great, runs great and brings me lots of smiles while driving it.

    I will sure come back once I decide to step up the game, and will be working with you guys again!

  128. Manuel W. (verified owner)

    Will is the Best tuner for the mazdaspeed community. Very helpful and has a lot patience

  129. Brandon Tallaksen (verified owner)

    Will was nothing but helpful, great overall experience

  130. Juan G. (verified owner)

    Car feels and pulls amazing Thnx

  131. Hunter Heidrich (verified owner)

    Just want to give a huge thank you to the guys here at pd tuning helping me out in every way going port injection these guys gave advice when I needed it and where very helpful going through the build process the tune feels amazing to say the least! huge shout out to these guys for all there help and quick turn around
    Time I’ve worked with other tuners and have been happy just needed someone to talk and help me with some things I’m still learning about and these guys where it huge thank you !!

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