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2015+ Ecoboost Mustang Accessport, EMS Custom Tune, Intake Package

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The PD stage 2 package is our most popular starting point. You get everything you need for a normal Bolton EcoBoost mustang in one shot.

The Cobb Accessport, intake, intercooler, and custom tune is what the majority of customers that daily drive on pump gas run. We give you multiple options for brands so if you don’t want to run a certain intake or ic no problem! You can add a catback for sound, but for pump gas cars it doesn’t make much of a power difference when you have a custom tune.

Cobb Accessport
Custom Tune
What is a lifetime tuning package? Simply put the lifetime tuning option ensures you never have to pay for a another tune or retune for your cobb accessport again. No matter how many parts you change on your car you will continue to receive revisions free of charge. The only exception to this is with the addition of port injection or 6th port fueling. As these use additional controllers that also need to be calibrated. With the Standard tune you get the same great custom tune you just pay a retune fee for part changes. *Base map files/Revisions are sent out 3 business days after the Tuning Request Form/Purchase is received*
Intakes are a great way to increase spool sounds while letting the turbo breathe easier. The stock airbox does a great job when you upgrade it with a highflow filter. We also have units like the ROUSH that will add a nice look to your engine bay as well. There really isn't much difference between the intakes when you have a custom tune.
Intercoolers are one of the first mods we recommend to people that are looking to mod their Ecoboost. The factory units are woefully inadequate and can heat soak very easily. It is very common for an Ecoboost with a factory intercooler to see 150+ degree charge temps after one 3rd gear pull. This is with outside temperatures being in the 90’s. Generally, your street intercoolers (made by cv fab, garret, cobb, etc.) are a direct replacement for the factory intercooler while retaining the factory grill shutters. These tend to work well for the everyday car below 500hp that doesn’t do any real track racing or extended high-speed pulls. For vehicles in more extreme climates, wanting to make big power, or vehicles that are going to be doing track day sessions, we highly recommend the larger Race intercooler or adding methanol injection to your vehicle to drop your charge temperatures below ambient.
The catback is optional. Catback's like the MBRP has a really nice deep tone, but it's all about personal preference. Like the intake, there isn't much difference in power output between these when you have a custom tune.
Charge Pipes
Charge pipes are not a power adder, but they do make installation of larger aftermarket intercoolers much easier. OEM flange charge pipes will work with the factory bypass valve as well as bypass valve adapters like the GFB and Boomba spacers. The CVF charge pipes with the Tial flange can be used with the Tial Bov or the Turbosmart Raceport. The CVF Charge pipes with the HKS Flange can only be used with the HKS SQV. These are larger and vent more air. Which is beneficial when using aftermarket turbochargers.
Blow Off valves
Bov's are generally a personal prefrence mod. It's about what sound you like. All of the bov's are generally going to perform similarly on the OEM Flange. If you are planning on swapping out your turbo to a larger aftermarket unit i would upgrade to charge pipes with a TiAL flange to allow the use of bov with a larger diameter valve like the Turbosmart Raceport. **For BOV's that require a boost refrence to work. We recommond the Turbosmart Boost Refrence adapter to make the install easier. The removal of the factory electronic bov will cause a P0035 check engine light to show. This will not impact how the vehicle drives or performs in any way. If you would like a BOV upgrade without a check engine light the Turbosmart EM BOV is what you want**

From $1,319.99




With the PD Stage 2 package and our custom tune you can make power in the 355-380whp & 380-400wtq range.

 E85(XDI pump required),E30,Methanol, or Race Gas Required


With the upgrade package above, custom tune, and 93 Octane tune you can expect to land in the 315-335whp / 350-380wtq range.



Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in
CV Fabrication Intercooler

Street, Race

Intercooler Color

Silver, Black

5 reviews for 2015+ Ecoboost Mustang Accessport, EMS Custom Tune, Intake Package

  1. Craig Kosse (verified owner)

    This package was exactly what I needed to get my 2016 Mustang Ecoboost Premium tuned safely and running great!

  2. Steve Y. (verified owner)

  3. Kristian Delgado (verified owner)

  4. Michael Mootz (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and the tunes couldn’t be more Perfect.

  5. Jose Diaz (verified owner)

    Awesome package

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