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Auxiliary Fuel System Tune (6th Port or Port Injection)

(8 customer reviews)


This purchase is for vehicles with supplemental fueling using additional injectors with an external controller.

Auxiliary fueling systems use a secondary controller that requires programming as well as adjusting the factory ecu to accommodate for the additional fuel.

This is an addon you need to also purchase a custom tuning package.


8 reviews for Auxiliary Fuel System Tune (6th Port or Port Injection)

  1. Andrew Ponce (verified owner)


  2. justin v. (verified owner)

  3. john zuniga (verified owner)

    haven’t got there yet, but I sure it will be magical!

  4. Brandon W. (verified owner)

  5. Brandon L. (verified owner)

    Ryan goes above and beyond to make sure your tune is completely dialed in. My car is running Piper stage 3 cams in a 2.3 stroker and it drives like stock. Absolutely no complaints.

  6. Bradley B. (verified owner)

  7. Caleb (verified owner)

  8. Eric DeRuiter (verified owner)

    I haven’t tuned with this yet. Looking forward to.

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