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Build your own Intercooler kit

Intercoolers are one of the first mods we recommend to people that are looking to mod their Ecoboost. The factory units are woefully inadequate and can heat soak very easily. It is very common for an Ecoboost with a factory intercooler to see 150+ degree charge temps after one 3rd gear pull. This is with outside temperatures being in the 90’s. Generally, your street intercoolers (made by cv fab, garret, cobb, etc.) are a direct replacement for the factory intercooler while retaining the factory grill shutters. These tend to work well for the everyday car below 500hp that doesn’t do any real track racing or extended high-speed pulls. For vehicles in more extreme climates, wanting to make big power, or vehicles that are going to be doing track day sessions, we highly recommend the larger Race intercooler or adding methanol injection to your vehicle to drop your charge temperatures below ambient.
Charge Pipes
Charge pipes are not a power adder, but they do make installation of larger aftermarket intercoolers much easier. OEM flange charge pipes will work with the factory bypass valve as well as bypass valve adapters like the GFB and Boomba spacers. The CVF charge pipes with the Tial flange can be used with the Tial Bov or the Turbosmart Raceport. The CVF Charge pipes with the HKS Flange can only be used with the HKS SQV. These are larger and vent more air. Which is beneficial when using aftermarket turbochargers.
Blow Off Valve
Bov's are generally a personal prefrence mod. It's about what sound you like. All of the bov's are generally going to perform similarly on the OEM Flange. If you are planning on swapping out your turbo to a larger aftermarket unit i would upgrade to charge pipes with a TiAL flange to allow the use of bov with a larger diameter valve like the Turbosmart Raceport.  **For BOV's that require a boost refrence to work. We recommond the Turbosmart Boost Refrence adapter to make the install easier. The removal of the factory electronic bov will cause a P0035 check engine light to show. This will not impact how the vehicle drives or performs in any way. If you would like a BOV upgrade without a check engine light the Turbosmart EM BOV is what you want**

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