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EMS Vented Catch tank



This is the culmination of testing several solutions for eliminating crankcase pressure in the EcoBoost engine. As we all know, these engines have an inherent crankcase issue that is only magnified when the boost gets turned up (40+ psi). Most crankcase ventilation solutions on the market recirculate the pressure to the intake stream, bringing oil, gas, and water back into the combustion chamber, which lowers the effective octane.

Our system utilizes three -10 lines, two from the Radium breather plate that is included in the kit and one from the valve cover. This ensures the maximum flow from the crankcase pressure into our catch tank and is vented to the atmosphere, instead of into your engine, through the HKS foam filter on top. The tank has several baffles and a steel-wool-lined layer to make sure that the gas, oil, and water are contained in the tank and can be disposed of properly during oil changes or in between track passes.

The kit includes:

1 EMS by Rise catch tank pre-fitted with a steel-wool layer and HKS foam filter

1 Radium PVC baffle plate

Pre-made -10 black nylon braided lines with fittings

and mounting bolts

with options for 1 OEM crankcase sensor (optional, can use yours if you like) or you can tap the OEM valve cover and use a -10 AN fitting (shown in the product gallery)


Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 18 in


Crank Case Sensor

I have my own, Add OEM Sensor, Tap valve cover instead

Baffle Plate

Already have one, I need one