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BNR Upgraded Turbocharger for 2015+ Ecoboost Mustangs

(4 customer reviews)


PD NOTES: The BNR 600 is hands down the highest flowing bolt on turbo for the Ecoboost mustang, and is going to be a great option for anyone that’s looking for a turbo upgrade. The bnr 500 is going to go head to head with the current king of drop-in’s the NX2

I’ve tested the BNR 600 on two different cars now. One is none other than my good friend Jon Irizarry’s 2016 Ecoboost mustang. You might remember this car from a few years ago as it made 430whp using the stock turbo on the same built engine. This was done using an AUX fuel kit with e85. His clutch is also still stock which is why I limited his peak tq back. The turbo in this dyno hits 20psi at 3600pm. I could easily dial up 600wtq at 4000rpm if i felt the clutch could hold it. This dyno was done using around 40psi and we made 609whp/600wtq.

The second car i tested both the 525 and the 600 on. This was an old customer on mine Shawn Glass that I’ve previously tuned on an NX2. On Shawn’s car we didn’t have as much wastegate so we were only able to get around 35ish psi and that boost fell off to 32psi in top end, but we still managed to get 574/541 out of the BNR600. With the smaller BNR500 we ended up at 505whp/530wtq. The smaller BNR peaked at 33psi and fell to 26psi in top end but with a few wastegate changes and some more boost i feel like the smaller bnr has another 20 or so hp left in it.

BNR 525

The BNR 525 is designed to be bolton replacement and fall in line with NX2 and other existing bolton turbo charger upgrades.  This turbo is good for up to around 525 WHP on a built motor with the appropriate fueling upgrades when you max it out. This turbo will pair great with a stock engine car.

BNR 600

The BNR 600 is designed to be the highest flowing drop in turbo on the market.  This turbo has been proven to exceed 600whp with the appropriate modifications/fueling. The dynograph posted of the bnr 600 is on a car with a built motor/full e85. The test vehicle had a stock clutch in it at the time which had me limit the tq back in the lower rpm region. With a proper clutch this turbo can start producing 600wtq around 4000rpm.


The turbos will come with oil/coolant lines. They will also reuse your current downpipe/hotside intercooler piping. You will need to source your own coupler to mate with your intake. The inlet on the BNR turbos is 3.5″. 





Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 18 in

BNR 525, BNR 600

4 reviews for BNR Upgraded Turbocharger for 2015+ Ecoboost Mustangs

  1. Jimmy Pauli (verified owner)

    fast delivery good service. I am very satisfied

  2. Korey Dismus (verified owner)

    Rating at a 4 for now as I have yet to have a chance to get it installed. Ryan, has helped fir the past year and a half as i had this on the original pre-order. Their customer support and flexibility is top notch. Looking forward to boosting this rating after install and tune.

  3. Caleb D. (verified owner)

    Love the power. On the stock block there will be some turbo lag on launch without transbrake active. Love it though. So much power throughout the powerband. Really wakes the eco up.

  4. Stephen Gale (verified owner)

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