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EMS Mustang Ecoboost Long Block



The Engineering Motorsport Solutions long block will have the following components:

  • New OEM semi-closed deck engine block (uses stock engine mounts)
  • New-pinned OEM crankshaft (includes matching crank gear and balancer)
  • New OEM timing cover
  • New OEM oil pump
  • New OEM oil pump chain, gear, and guide
  • MAHLE pistons (standard 9.5:1 or high 10.0:1)
  • Boostline I-beam connecting rods
  • King main and rod bearings
  • Balance shaft delete
  • 10 mm CA625+ head studs
  • RS head gasket
  •  Titanium retainers and upgraded valve springs
  • A new OEM cylinder head with bowl porting
  • Ford Racing Cams (*can have larger cams per customer request)

The high compression pistons are the pinnacle of EcoBoost performance. These were truly designed and engineered based on years of EMS showing Mahle how their pistons react to high boost and insane cylinder pressures in the EcoBoost engine. Of course, some of that has trickled down to the standard compression offering (e.g., the addition of gussets to support the skirt struts), but the high compression pistons include horizontal gas ports to seal the rings tighter under boost, complete removal of the DI bowl to promote a homogenous spread of fueling in the combustion chamber, and an additional ceramic coating to the piston crown! These are the pistons she told you not to worry about…


Long block shipping is a flat rate of $550 in the continental US and is to be paid at the time of shipment unless picking up the engine locally.


Standard, High


Ford Performance, Piper