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UPR 11-23 Mustang with Paxton, Vortech, or Procharger Supercharged Dual Valve Oil Catch Can CSS Plug N Play



Get the ultimate oil separator for your 11-20 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT or 5.2 GT350 with Paxton, Vortech or Procharger Supercharger!  UPR’s Dual Valve Catch Can w/Clean Side Separator provides airflow through the catch can system throughout the RPM range.  Perfect for your Street Driven S197 or S550 Supercharged Mustang! Choose your year from the drop down menu.
The Dual valve catch can will not only circulate through during low speed driving and idle ( when there is manifold vacuum ) , it will allow circulation and crank case evacuation when under BOOST through the UPR Wide Open Throttle hose.

The UPR Clean Side Separator allows fresh, filtered air from the air inlet tube to enter the crank case as the factory intended, but will separate oil vapor and keep it from exiting the clean side when crank case pressure is high. Once normal driving resumes, the air entering the engine will pull the oil mist back in.

* This UPR catch can kit is designed to be used with the supercharger air inlet tube and air filter provided with the Procharger, Paxton, or Vortech kits.  Any other tube will require modifications to the CSS and WOT hoses.  NOT for use with a Blower Guard or screen type inlet.  For Blower guard applications UPR breather tank 5029-220 or 5029-221 is recommended.
 You can be sure that no other manufacturer can give you the level of quality or performance of a UPR Pro-Series Catch Can. Offering the largest capacity in a compact design to be sure that it can eliminate oil vapors on vehicles that are normally aspirated or power added equipped. Manufactured from Domestic T-6 6061 Aluminum bar stock and finished off using only the best Diamond cutters to exceed your expectations of what a superior product should fit and look like. UPR is the largest aftermarket catch can manufacturer in the country. Continually improving our designs to stay ahead of the competition and give you the cutting edge technology of tomorrow today. We are so confident we offer an unconditional warranty on our products to let you know you can always count on UPRproducts.
The UPR Plug N Play ™ Catch Can Kits come complete and ready to install.  Select your year from the drop down menu.  You can select upgrades for your kit from the drop-down menus.
Upgrades available:
The Billet Pro Series check valve is a larger, higher flowing check valve than our standard check valve.  It generally will increase the vacuum through the catch can and equate to better PCV evacuation.  Better evacuation can translate to better MPG and low speed drivability.

The One way crankcase breather is a breather with a one way valve in it.  It allows excess crankcase pressure to exit through the breather when under boost.  It will close when crankcase pressure is normal, and keep un metered air from entering.  Installation can’t be easier!  Just remove your oil fill cap and install the UPR Billet One Way Breather.  Highly recommended on Boosted engines.

The Stainless Steel magnetic drain plug would replace the drain plug on the bottom of the catch can with an Allen head plug that has a magnet embedded into it. It will attract any ferrous metal material to it so the user can inspect it.

The drain line kit is our most popular drain option. It includes a drain valve, hose and fittings needed to install the drain valve. It allows the user to relocate the drain somewhere easier to access like the wheel well opening or bumper area.  ( You would choose either the Magnetic Drain Plug, or the Drain line kit – not both.  If no drain option is selected, a standard plug will be installed)

The UPR catch cans have an O ring seal on the containment cup.  Replacement O rings are available if you lose, drop, or tear an O ring when servicing the catch can.  It’s not a bad idea to have a spare set in the glove box.
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in