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Boost Your Fuel Output
Kenne Bell’s universal single 40amp 17.5V competition Boost-A-Pump increases your fuel output by up to 100% giving your high horsepower Mustang the fuel it needs to make serious horsepower. When installing power adders such as nitrous, superchargers, and turbo systems to your Mustang, you are going to need to upgrade your fuel system to keep up with the demands. This boost-a-pump system uses your stock feed wire and fuel lines for an easy installation and eliminates the need for expensive fuel lines and pump upgrades.

This easily installed Kenne Bell boost-a-pump features a fused circuit protection and is ideal for nitrous applications. With an anodized red aluminum finish, this system is available for single or dual pump applications. The built-in regulator stabilizes voltage regardless of battery voltage and increases the life of returnless pumps. It also compensates for reduced voltage drops caused by lights and accessories. Can be set up to be activated by boost switch on superchargers and turbo application by using the included pressure activation switch that is non-adjustable and is pre-set to approximately 3.5psi.

Installation Note
This kit is universal and must be spliced into your factory fuel pump harness.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in