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Damond Motorsport Mazda Turbo Oil Restrictor Banjo Bolt



The Damond Motorsports Turbo Oil Restrictor Bolt, reduces the oil feed to the factory K04 turbo, to help in preventing the common Mazdaspeed “smokey-turbo.” Using proven and tested hole diamaters, the Damond Motorsports bolt allows proper oil feed to the factory K04 turbo, without over-oiling the turbo, and prevents oil seeping past the turbo seals into the exhaust. In addition 2 new OEM spec copper crush washers are included. This is a great, low-cost component, if you’re looking to add a catless or more free flowing exhaust that would potentially result in more exhaust smoke.
Also works with BNR turbochargers.
TQ spec is 18-26lbs/ft
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in