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cp-e™ ΔCore™ Mazda Mazdaspeed3 Gen 1 / Mazdaspeed6 Top Mount Intercooler Mazdaspeed TMIC



Mazdaspeed TMIC

Top mount intercoolers have become one of the most popular bolt-ons for the MZR DISIengines.  cp-e™ set out to design the best and most efficient Mazdaspeed TMIC.

The biggest restriction of the stock Mazdaspeed TMIC is the outlet.  Knowing this, cp-e™ alleviated these restrictions through a casting design with a smooth flowing unshrouded outlet.  Both endtanks are completely cast to help flow in and out of the core while providing consistency.  The core of the cp-e™ Mazdaspeed TMIC is made of bar and plate for its pressure efficiency and its cooling capabilities.  The 3.25” thick core alleviates pressure drop while not interfering with the hood or surrounding components.  cp-e™ determined the maximum fin density to create the largest temperature drop across the core.  We have even capped every bolt hole location to prevent leaks that would normally go undetected by the consumer. The cp-e™ TMIC comes with 6061 billet CNC brackets machined to perfection on our 4 axis CNC machine.

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The shroud is CNC laser cut from billet 6061 aluminum to provide the best possible fitment.  The mounting tabs for the shroud are CNC machined from 6061 billet so that they match the shroud exactly.

All of these features add up to the best Mazdaspeed TMIC.

Mazdaspeed TMIC Highlights

Bar & Plate Design

In order to create the most efficient and highly consistent intercooler, we use a bar and plate design. This allows for a larger core that can combat heat soak and dissipate heat better than a tube and fin design.

The intercooler features a perfect seal between the ambient and charge sides thanks to bars running the entire length of the intercooler. This highly concentrated design is exactly what you need to put an end to heat soak.

Billet CNC’d Brackets

To ensure a perfect OEM-like fitment, we’ve laser cut all of our brackets. This crucial step removes human error from the equation and guarantees that every intercooler is delivered exactly as it was designed in our CAD software.

Cast End Tanks

Welds can look nice, but every weld is a potential area for failure. To minimize welds and increase the reliability and structure of our intercoolers, we cast all of our end tanks. In addition to adding durability, this step allows us to bench test and perfect the flow of air and air distribution across the intercooler core.

Not California emissions compliant | No implied CARB certification | Off-road use only

CALIFORNIA WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Mazdaspeed TMIC Information White Paper
We’ve done extensive research and development on our TMIC for the Mazdaspeed. Fill out the form below to download our white paper.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in