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SP63 Stage 1 Built Long Block For Mazdaspeed MZR-DISI Rated 500hp





SP63 Stage 1 Built Long Block

A Stage 1 engine package will be perfect for those who are looking for a high performance daily-driven street car. Stage 1 engine build contain Mahle 4032 pistons which have a 1.2mm Nitrided top piston ring to handle high heat and extremely high cylinder pressure commonly seen in Direct Injection engines. The patented HV385 supersonic thermal spray process is applied to the top ring for superior bonding, increased durability and increased scuff resistance.In addition, the second ring is also 1.2mm but reversed twist taper faced made of cast iron. The third ring is a standard tension oil control ring. The piston’s wrist pin is an H13 Tool Steel material, which is not your standard Premium Chrome Moly nor your 9310 material. These pistons from Mahle have hard anodized ring lands to prevent galling and microwelding. The GRAFAL skirt coating itself helps reduce drag, scuffing, friction and cylinder bore wear which is something you cannot find on any other manufacturer’s pistons. The phosphate coating that gives off the grey appearance to the pistons provides a lubricant film in the pin bores and ring grooves. This will benefit you when there is a lack of lubrication such as on cold starts. Pistons are modified to reduce LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition).

The 4032 pistons mated with Manley H Beam rods make the perfect “M&M” combination. These Connecting Rods are manufactured from 4340 forgings. They are also Heat treated, stress relieved, shot peened and 100% individually magnafluxed. The “M&M” combination has been our proven combo to hold great power reliably for over a decade. Clevite H Series Rod bearings are then paired with the H Beam connecting rods which can endure high loads and high revs. Clevite AL Main bearings are also used in the Stage 1 package, which also are capable of withstanding very high loads for extended periods of time. Their load rating is more than 2000 psi higher than the Bi-Metal bearings and are compatible with all types of steel crankshafts.

The OEM Valve Train is upgraded with 50lbs Valve Springs vs the OEM which only offer 38lbs spring force. This offers better high RPM stability for the Valve Train under high boost and increased camshaft lift. OEM VVT actuator is modified to the pin areas for high RPM stability to prevent cam-timing runaway; meaning the ECU’s request for intake cam timing at high RPM will always be met.

Another great service that we offer is the teardrop-shaped cavity machined into the Crankshaft assembly itself to improve bearing lubrication. In order to get extra oil to the rod bearings, we create a teardrop shaped cavity to the crankshaft’s main oiling holes. We then delete the Balance shaft with our BSD kit. This reduces parasitic drag to the crankshaft freeing up horsepower and also allows your engine to rev more freely. The only side effect to this is slight increase in engine vibration transferred through the chassis. The OEM Main bolts, which are perfectly capable of handling 500whp, are replaced with brand new ones.


Products included in the Stage 1 Long Block package: Rated 500hp

  • Mahle 4032 Pistons
  • Manley H-Beam Rods
  • Upgraded OEM Head Bolts
  • SP63 ARP2000 Main Studs
  • King Rod Bearings
  • King Tri-Metal Main bearings
  • BSD Kit
  • Upgraded 50lbs Valve Springs
  • ARP2000 Crank Bolt
  • NEW SP63 Upgraded Timing Kit (Found here)
Here are the brand new stock replacement items included in the price:
  • SP63 Upgraded VVT Actuator
  • Timing Chain
  • Crank Bolt
  • Crank Frictions Washers (3)
  • Cam Frictions Washers (2)
  • Oil Pickup