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SP63 Brass Shift Fork Pads For MZR-DISI


*Send pictures of your Shift forks to verify proper pad size*


For a long time the MZR community has been suffering from a transmission problem where you would pop out of gear during deceleration or even under normal driving conditions. It most commonly happens in second gear but some have reported it in several other gears. After doing some research it seems that the stock plastic shift fork pads are breaking off which is causing the shift fork not to engage the synchro fully and the gear will pop out. This leads to gears grinding and in some cases loss of the ability to enter a certain gear.


These brass pads has been proven on their current platforms to outlast the stock plastic pad by over 3 times. This of course depends on your driving style and what you plan to use the car for but we were assured we would not see the same failures by using the brass pads.


We are going to be offering the option to have these pads put on a set of new or used forks. If you choose to “Install pads on to supplied forks” you will be required to send in your set to us so we can install the pads for you! The turnaround is 1-2 days after receiving your set. Your set will also be sent back cleaned.


*Send pictures of your Shift forks to verify proper pad size*


  • Select the 1st option on the drop down if you want just pads
  • Select the 2nd option on the drop down if you want us to install pads on YOUR supplied Shift Forks
  • Select the 3rd option on the drop down if you want NEW Shift Forks w/ our Brass Pads installed.


NOTE ON INSTALLING FORKS: You must do a fluid change 300 miles after running these forks. You will see some brass flake in your fluid but that is totally normal for their brake in procedure.  Filing will be required for the tabs during installation. Some filing may be required for the WIDE pads.

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in