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Kong Performance X Port LSA Supercharger & Snout (CTSV / ZL1) service W/Rebuild




If you are looking to maximize the airflow through your LSA supercharger, Kong Performance has you covered. Our supercharger port designs are based on years of hand porting experience. All of our latest ports were designed, created, tested, and programmed on our 5 axis CNC in house using highly advanced porting software! 40-80rwhp proven gains!!!

NEW “Stage X” Port Upgrade

Our new “Stage X” LSA Port Upgrade is available now! This is an add on to our already outstanding CNC Supercharger porting service for the LSA. The “Stage X” is designed for those who are looking to get as much power as they can from the factory supercharger. In addition to our normal CNC porting, the “Stage X” includes additional CNC machining that has been flow simulated, chassis dyno tested, and track proven. On capable engines with supporting mods and fuel, the Kong “Stage X” LSA can make upwards of 900rwhp. The “Stage X” turns the stock 1.9L LSA into a BEAST!

FAST TURN AROUND! We typically operate at a 3-7 business day turn around time on porting so we can get your supercharger back to you as quickly as possible!