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BNR 2867




The 2867G2 compressor option is really the best option for stock fuel system and stock block cars.  It has enough air flow for 400-420 WHP with really good response and power band.  From what I gather the stock fuel system is only good for 350 WHP before auxiliary fueling is needed.  If you don’t have plans for aux fuel or built engine, this turbo is your guy.

This is what you get when you purchase the FOST BNR2867!

  • BNR 2867 G2 Center Housing Rotating Assembly (VSR balanced)
  • BNR T04B Compressor housing with a 2 bolt inlet (.60 a/r)
  • BNR 8cm (.63 a/r) exhaust housing
  • 27mm Internal wastegate with heavy duty swing valve assembly
  • Adjustable internal wastegate with stainless mounting bracket (14 psi crack pressure)
  • BNR Cast iron turbine inlet adapter
  • BNR Cast iron Turbine outlet adapter
  • Multi-layer turbine inlet and outlet gaskets (for the BNR housing)
  • 2 bolt aluminum compressor inlet adapter with O ring

Hardware included:

  • 8 M10 1.5 stainless studs
  • 8 M10 1.5 Stainless nuts
  • 8 M10 2mm Stainless washers
  • 1 M10 1.5 Stainless bolt (for turbine outlet adapter)
  • 2 M8 1.25 Stainess bolts (for compressor inlet adapter)
  • 1 Aluminum oil inlet adapter
  • 1 M12 1.5 Stainless Banjo bolt (oil inlet to adapter)
  • 4 M12 Copper washers (oil inlet)
  • 4 M14 Copper washers (water inlet/outlet)
  • 1 Oil drain gasket


Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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