Custom Tuning Package for Ecoboost 2.3L Mustang/RS (Cobb Accessport)

(88 customer reviews)


We provide tuning for stock or aftermarket turbochargers. Our tuning process provides a safe environment, this allows individuals with a factory or a larger aftermarket turbo to increase power reliably. Please fill out the Tuning request form after submitting your payment and a tuner will contact you with further details.

While we are remotely calibrating your vehicle you will be required to datalog multiple parameters using your accessport. This enables us to see how your car is reacting to each change as if were there tuning the car in person. Each vehicle/modification list will take a different amount of time to complete no two vehicles are the same.

Standard vs Lifetime Tuning 

What is a lifetime tuning package? Simply put the lifetime tuning option ensures you never have to pay for a another tune or retune for your cobb accessport again. No matter how many parts you change on your car you will continue to receive revisions free of charge. The only exception to this is tuning for the addition of an aux fuel kit.

With the Standard Tuning package you will get a custom tune, and revisions only for the modifications you currently have on the car. Any subsequent mods after the tuning process has started will result in a retune fee of $100. Upgraded turbochargers are not considered a retune and require the purchase of a new tuning package as we start from scratch with turbo upgrades. The lifetime tuning package covers turbo upgrades.

We have one day tuning options that will have your tune completed in a day. A LAPTOP AND HOT SPOT CONNECTION IS REQUIRED. Please email for quotes. 

*Base map files/Revisions are sent out within 3 business days after the Tuning Request Form/Purchase is received




Below you can see some of our work on the platform

This is the highest HP Ecoboost mustang tuned on Cobb 805whp/726wtq

Here is our personal Focus RS complete with a 4 port cylinder head and a relocated turbo kit.

687whp/546wtq with us only able to get in one pull without slipping



Here is 100% stock car with only a tune

+55whp / +75wtq with a much broader power curve. No more huge fall off in the upper RPM band!!!

stock dyno 2

88 reviews for Custom Tuning Package for Ecoboost 2.3L Mustang/RS (Cobb Accessport)

  1. Kristal (verified owner)

  2. Donald Piela (verified owner)

    Most pleasant and rewarding experience. Ryan’s superb customer service skills and tuning expertise are unparalled.

  3. Tyler Rye (verified owner)

    Answers your emails quickly and this guy knows his stuff and takes his time to make sure your car is running the best it can

  4. Brayden C. (verified owner)

  5. Alec (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a tuner ryan is your guy , there has been some times where my car isn’t running correctly or a sensor fails and so on and Ryan is right there to instantly identify the problem and get back a solution. I trust him with my car which I can’t say for many other people. By far the best tuner for our platform and you won’t find better.

  6. Gaven R. (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, PD Tuning works with you to achieve your power goals and will work with you in the event of everyday life occurrences, highly recommended for your eco mustangs!

  7. Timmy Rich (verified owner)

    Highly satisfied with my purchase and I thank Ryan Martin for tuning my car all around 10/10

  8. Damien Lizano (verified owner)

    Best thing I ever did was going with Ryan

  9. Jose Travecier (verified owner)

    Great customer service great results

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Jason J. (verified owner)

    Ryan has done an awesome job with my tunes. He has answered every question that I had. Would definitely do business with him and PD Tuning again.

  12. Walter R. (verified owner)

    Great overall service 👍🏽 Really good response time on tunes

  13. DAVID WAGNER (verified owner)

    I had a really good customer and product service with PD tuning, they are very helpful and responsive when answering questions. 10/10 would recommend.

  14. edwin calderon (verified owner)

    My E30 map is worth every penny

  15. Luis R. (verified owner)

    Absolutely 100% Worth It Ryan Martin at PD Tuning is always super responsive his customer service is incredible!! Aside from that THE POWER GAINS the car just feels like a totally different beast!!! If I could do this all over again my very first upgrade would be the lifetime tune from PD Tuning!

  16. panayiotis (verified owner)

    I got to say Ryan was fantastic very patient and took my tuning and mustang to its peak. spent all day and i am so great full for all his help.

  17. Juan Cervantes (verified owner)

    The lifetime tunes are great for anyone modding their car in steps. Ryan always responds within the time he says he will. He is always clear when he responds to my questions and very meticulous with revisions. These tunes have been safe, while increasing my torque and horsepower.

  18. Ulises Sotolongo (verified owner)

    I loved it I stopping revising because I was more than content by the 4th revision I will definetly retune once I get a bigger turbo and fuel system Ryan thank you so much!

  19. Christopher J. (verified owner)

    Ryan has been a great help in tuning my 2017 Ecoboost Mustang. He is timely with his responses and answers all of my questions.

  20. Matthew Fettik (verified owner)

    I am super satisfied with Ryan Martin at PD tuning! He’s always very knowledgeable and quick to reply to resolve any issues or answer any questions. My tuning process is very straightforward and simple. He always gets back to me within 2-3 business (sun-fri) days. And I love his communication skills with how he tells me what he’s doing with each revision.
    I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

  21. Abraham Brown (verified owner)

    Honestly customer service alone is wht sold me to use PD tuning.

    Ryan Martin is currently tuning my 2015 ecoboost manual transmission and I have to say with no doubt I am very happy about the service I received from Ryan with PD tuning and I would highly recommend him.

    If you’re not patient I would highly recommend that you pay the extra fee and have your car live tuned or remote tuned.

    So far I am a happy customer and you have my recommendation.

  22. Tareq Ahram (verified owner)

    Best tuning I’ve had in forever . Ryan has made my mustang reach better performance then would have ever thought . Great recommend and look forward to coming back with other cars down the road

  23. Warren Chance (verified owner)

    PD have done an amazing job tuning my car

  24. Jared Henderson (verified owner)

    Very prompt responses, super knowledgeable and customer service is top notch

  25. Beshara H. (verified owner)

    After hearing so many positive reviews I finally got to experience the amazing tune from Ryan. The customer service is on point. The tune it self is honestly a MUST HAVE, i truly enjoy driving my car.. I couldn’t ask for more! Besides maybe a bigger turbo!!

    Thanks PD Tuning for this experience & affordable price for a top shelf tune!!

  26. garry schwab (verified owner)

    Best experience i have had with a tuner. Love what he did for the mustang

  27. Gregory W. (verified owner)

    Initial tune is excellent! In my first ever autocross I made the top 25% of all drivers on the course for the year. I look forward to my quality revisions when I buy my NX2 this winter! Thanks Ryan!

  28. john m. (verified owner)

    Met all my expectations….

  29. Duane M. (verified owner)

    Awesome work, we just finished my 93 tune and it feels great, next step is E30 I can’t wait!

  30. Aaron (verified owner)

    Best tuner for an ecoboost .. I wanted a gt but now I have the same power as one or just a lil bit more thanks Ryan

  31. Marcus Collins (verified owner)

    Ryan has done an excellent job of communicating and working with me to get my tune exactly the way that I want it!

  32. Brandon W. (verified owner)

    The tuning services I have received from Ryan have been top notch. I can not recommend this service enough. Never had any issue with any of the revisions I received. Wait time is about 1-3 business days for revisions. It has never been longer than that. Car feels great! Currently doing a retune for a downpipe I added and I’m sure I can expect the same great service.

  33. Spencer (verified owner)

    Ryan’s very helpful with whatever you need. He was nice and helped me ( I’ve just started learning about cars) you can imagine how many questions I had

  34. paul rosetti (verified owner)

    Was well looked after by Ryan Martin

  35. Zack Allport (verified owner)

    Best tuning experience you can get!

  36. Claude Reeves (verified owner)

  37. Robert (verified owner)

    Ryan is awesome he works fast and is there to help with any questions or concerns you have!

  38. Wai C. (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service.

  39. Braden Mcmurrian (verified owner)

    I have been tuning with Ryan for about 6 months, and let me tell you he is the best in the business and the most professional that I have ever dealt with. I got his lifetime tune pack and let me tell you we have been using it as we are constantly upgrading my ecostang. The man knows his stuff!
    Thanks Ryan!

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ryan did a great job tuning my ecoboost. Do not hesitate to hire him.

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

  42. Bryan Moreno (verified owner)

    Ryan’s customer service is top notch, the price for a custom tune is unbeatable for the results you’d get and the burble tune sounds real nice. First time ever getting a custom tune and he was there to answer any and all of my questions I had even though I may had sounded like a noobie lmaoo, always good to see someone patiently and passionate about what they do. You won’t regret their service.

  43. Weston (verified owner)

  44. Michael Nichol (verified owner)

  45. Jacob Reeve (verified owner)

  46. brayden tester (verified owner)

    Ryan is always helpful and super nice when i reach out. he is able to educate me without making me feel bad for not knowing. all around a great guy and company.

  47. jason fritts (verified owner)

    Received My tune in a fast and timely manner…very pleased with the quality and now just waiting for some warm weather to continue modding

  48. Jacob M. (verified owner)

    Ryan is an excellent tuner, and more importantly amazing to work with. He takes excellent care to make sure your car is running the way it should be… oh yeah and he’ll give it “mo’ powah baby!”

  49. Sergio P Hernandez Medina (verified owner)

    Great company to work with, very helpful and fast to answer any questions or concerns that you have as well as taking care of you, tuning it’s great as well they take there time and make sure they giving you as much power that your car could safely and reliably can handle as well as guiding you to the right parts and components if you wanna keep making more power.

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    PD for the win.

  51. Fausto Alvarado Mena (verified owner)

  52. William Hudgins (verified owner)

  53. Tim Lewis (verified owner)

    Ryan is easy to work with, responsive & does a great job of building power while keeping the engine safe. I don’t hesitate to recommend him.

  54. Sergio Hernandez Rosete (verified owner)

    Easy steps to follow. Very knowledgeable on what they do.

  55. Wai Chu (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product!

  56. Taylor (verified owner)

    I never thought my car could run this well and man was Ryan killer. I was slower getting him datalogs than he was getting my tunes back each time! Overall I hope to keep him in my book as the tuner for my cars going forward.

  57. Tyler Magee (verified owner)

    PD has made my bolt on eco boost surprise me greatly and I am very happy and pleased to share with others that my eco is tuned by PD Tuning

  58. Bryant Hronchak (verified owner)

    This is hands down the only way to go if you plan on Tuning your Ecoboost Mustang. I had the Ford Performance Tune and it left me wanting more. I placed my order for the Lifetime Tune Package along with the Automatic Transmission Tune and absolutely love it. The shifts are more precise and and the power is the same as when I ran race gas before…except now I only need 92 to achieve that. I can’t wait for my E 30 Tune to see how much extra that gives me. With the Lifetime Tune Package, I can mod my and send the information to Ryan Martin and he will customize my Tune Map to account for the extra horse power and torque. PD Tuning is the best in the business and Ryan Martin is THE MAN WITH THE SAUCE!!!

  59. Matt Perkins (verified owner)

    The PD Tuning team is awesome! This tuning process takes a few weeks of sending files back and forth via email. Your car will be drivable during the entire process. Please be patient during the process as the PD team is very detail oriented. I promise the wait is well worth it.

  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Had a great experience with Ryan regarding tuning, I have a 2019 ecoboost mustang and I can only say good things about my experience, the car has ran amazing with absolutely no issues, If your looking for a tuner Ryan is definitely going to be the best option!!

  61. Louis W. (verified owner)

    Thank you Ryan and Co. for everything that you’ve done! I’m thoroughly enjoying the tuning process and everything that you’re doing for me. Holy sh*t, the car feels like a completely different car, and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again! I considered trading it at one point for a v8, but i think i’ll keep it and just build it now. Except for the sound, the eco is becoming everything I could ever want in a performance vehicle. The tune really gave it life and made driving a completely different experience. Whoever is reading this and is on the ropes about tuning or not, JUST DO IT! Stop overthinking, worrying about warranty, and pondering unlikely issues, and just push the button all ready. You won’t regret it!

  62. Joshua S. (verified owner)

    Ryan has done an excellent job at Tunning my 2019 Mustang Ecoboost, I continue to make changes to my car and Ryan tunes it up to perfection, I definitely recommend his tunes for big performance and reliability

  63. Anas B. (verified owner)

    Ryan knows his stuff.. car performance has changed 180! I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional tuner..

  64. Channing Boston (verified owner)

    Phenomenal experience, great communication and very pleased with the tune.

  65. Jose rebollar (verified owner)

    amazing service my car feels amazing now! definitely a whole lot quicker💯

  66. Francisco Cazares Suarez (verified owner)

    PD running is a great place to get a custom tune , very clear on the steps to take , on time when he says a specific time , answers every question you throw at Ryan , very good customer service ! I would definitely recommend anyone looking to get there car little more fun to try out PD running , my Ecoboost is definitely more fun to drive thanks to Ryan and PD Tunning .

  67. Raymond Laurent (verified owner)

  68. Kyle J. (verified owner)

    Ryan has been a great person to work with. I would recommend this company over my previous one. Ryan answers the phone if you have a question and though he does send maps very late at night, that works out in my favor as I work nights and can update my map as soon as I clock out and send revision back after driving home.

  69. Hunter (verified owner)

    zero complaints, excellent service

  70. Michael Ferguson (verified owner)

    Ryan is such an amazing tuner and just all around great guy. His tunes are very well made you can tell he is your car and not just throwing premades at you. Won’t let anyone else touch my cars ecm

  71. Jalen Heartley (verified owner)

    PDTuning will transform your car and leave you speechless with a huge smile on your face! Very friendly and have a great response team to any questions or concerns you may have about your cars performance. Also they have a huge fan base and been in business for long time which made me choose them for my first time tuning. A++ rating.

  72. Juan A V. (verified owner)

    Great tunes car feels better than stock

  73. Steven Thomas (verified owner)

    Excellent Service!

  74. Tyler Rolle (verified owner)

  75. Travis Brodie (verified owner)

    Ryan is awesome super helpful and happy with the results

  76. annya / walter h. (verified owner)

    Great price for the service, commitment and tuning I received from ryan. I planning to return with ryan once I purchased the NX2 turbo upgrade. Best tune and process.

  77. Joshua Peterson (verified owner)

    So much better! I can feel the difference in power and i love the pops! I did some pulls against my buddy with his 5.0 and be got me before. After the tune i got him and was very pleased. Care responds VERY well with so lag time.

  78. Braxton H. (verified owner)

    It has been awesome so far and I’m so ready for what the future holds In this tuning process

  79. Thomas M. (verified owner)

    93 tune just got finished and it pulls like a freight train. I cannot wait to get the E30 tune completed!

  80. Andrew Spresser (verified owner)

    Been awesome so far.
    Thank you 😊

  81. ZACHARY J. (verified owner)

    Ryan is a genius when it comes to the ecoboost platform. He goes above and beyond and takes the time to help you diagnose issues with your vehicle should there be any. He also has a very quick turnaround on revisions. Glad I bought the lifetime tune. 10/10 experience.

  82. Cavin (verified owner)

    Brings new life to my stang. As far as tuners go, pd tuning is the best for the ecoboost. Fast and friendly service always, questions are answered promptly.

  83. Nathaniel S. (verified owner)

  84. Oliver Metzler (verified owner)

    Great service! My tune was completed by Ryan and I have nothing great things to say. He was always polite. Answered any question I had. My tune is great and the process was so easy. If I ever have a concern they are quick to get back and adjust as needed. Will recommend to anyone I know who drive a mustang or st.

  85. Dominic Lloyd (verified owner)

    Would Recommend to anyone!

  86. Michael F. (verified owner)

    Looked around for tuners for my 2016 ecoboost and couldn’t of gotten better, have worked with ryan for 2 months or so and couldn’t be happier with results. Replies very fast to questions/concerns with vehicle and knows what he’s doing with tuning. Will not regret going with pd tuning

  87. Trevor J. (verified owner)

    Tune really woke the car up and feels far smoother than the Cobb OTS tunes.

  88. gage o. (verified owner)

    Love my experience with Ryan he is a great tuner and willing to work with you and get your stuff right

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