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Experience a substantial boost in horsepower and torque for your Ecoboost Focus RS by adding an Extreme Turbo Systems Downpipe to your exhaust system! We are proud to manufacture the ONLY full 3.0″ downpipe for the Focus RS in-house, utilizing mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel tubing to ensure maximum airflow and long-lasting durability. Our downpipe is expertly designed to eliminate the restrictions found in the factory downpipe by replacing the OEM v-band connection with a superior slip-fit 3.0″ connection.

Key Features:

  • Direct fit to an Extreme Turbo Systems Catback exhaust system, ensuring seamless compatibility
  • True 3.0″ design for maximum flow and performance
  • Equipped with a GESI UHO-Series Catalytic Converter, rated for 850hp, providing excellent emissions control
  • Constructed entirely from stainless steel, including the substrate which is furnace-brazed to the mantle, ensuring exceptional durability
  • Unique end-cap design secures the substrate, preventing any rattling
  • GESI’s proprietary precious metal loading technology ensures reduced emissions, minimizing “Check Engine Light” issues
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1500°F, ideal for forced induction applications without sacrificing horsepower
  • Covered by a 5-year/50,000-mile warranty on the shell and tube ends (restrictions apply)
  • Note: Please refrain from coating or wrapping this downpipe as it will void the limited warranty

Upgrade your Ecoboost Focus RS with confidence, knowing that the Extreme Turbo Systems Downpipe will significantly enhance performance while maintaining compliance with emissions regulations. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle and enjoy the thrilling power gains.

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 24 in