Function Factory Performance 2015-2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Complete Port Injection E85 Fuel Kit


When it comes to making the most power on a stock or built Ford Mustang Ecoboost block, the fuel delivery system that feeds these engines is always the horsepower robbing culprit. While a water/methanol injection system is one option to achieve higher power, they can sometimes not be the most cost-effective or safe options. For those looking to push their car past 420whp with a reliable fueling solution, then this kit is the answer.

The Function Factory Performance fueling kit is designed to work with the stock intake manifold and includes an injector boss that has been fitted with injectors in each individual runner. By using a standard fuel injector, you are able to precisely inject an exact amount of fuel as opposed to a W/M injection kit, which just sprays pressurized water through a fixed orifice. Included in the kit is a proprietary Split Second Auxillary Injector Controller, which provides you with a 3D table to reference MAP voltage (Boost Pressure) and RPM so that you can inject fuel exactly when you need it.

Our kit includes 4 Bosch high impedance 630cc injectors. They have a 30-degree cone-shaped spray pattern which provides instant atomization as the fuel exits the tip of the injector. If you’re trying to make more than 650whp on an E85 or more mixture, please choose the 1000cc injector option. If you have any questions please contact us before ordering.

We have drilled 4 bungs for meth nozzles on the bottom of the spacer to allow you to run both water/methanol for octane/cooling and the additional injectors for added fueling. If you don’t want to utilize this at all or right away, we include 4 plugs for these holes as well.

Our custom built Plug-N-Play harness for the Mustang’s coil packs reduces your wiring time. Installation is as simple as plugging the harness into all 4 packs and then plugging the controller into the harness! This is only available with our kit and each Aux Injector Controller is specifically made for us to accommodate this.

There has been much debate about the type of hose to use for applications that require resistance to corrosive fuel such as ethanol, methanol, and certain types of race gas. Our kit utilizes a synthetic rubber hose from Aeroquip that has a rating of “excellent” which means that ethanol has little to no effect on the degradation of this hose. Most other manufacturers will tell you their hose is “compatible” with ethanol but should be checked regularly for signs of wear. You can be sure that we went the extra mile to bring you a product that will last for years to come.

The full contents of the kit Include:

  • All necessary Russell/Aeroquip AN and EFI fittings
  • Aeroquip E85 rated fuel hose
  • Continental E85 Content Sensor
  • Fuel-It E85 Bluetooth adaptor (the app is free to download)
  • Custom Plug-N-Play Harness (requires cut & splicing into the OEM harness for power and MAP reference)
  • Custom CNC Fuel Rail and Top Feed Rail with Meth Bungs
  • 4 Bosch 630cc Injectors
  • Custom Split Second Auxiliary Injector Controller
  • 4 Ford Genuine OEM Intake Manifold O-Rings

All kits are made to order. Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for manufacturing and fulfillment.
Professional Installation is only recommend 

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