Turbosmart Boost Reference Adapter 2015+ Ford Mustang Ecoboost – Black


PD Notes: This is used to add additional boost sources for devices that require it. Examples of this would be Methanol injection kits with boost operated controllers like the AEM unit we sell, Vacuum actuated bov’s like Turbosmart’s RacePort/Kompact, or an aftermarket boost gauge. 

Boost Reference Adapter – Suits Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost, Focus RS 2.3 EcoBoost and F150 2.7 EcoBoost

Turbosmart’s Boost Reference Adapters (BRAs) allow access to a reliable boost/vacuum reference, without compromising the operation of the car’s standard sensors and control systems.

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Weight 0.26 lbs
Dimensions 4.3 × 3.3 × 2.2 in



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