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CP-E Atmosphere Borg Warner EFR Hot Parts Kit (NO TURBO)


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Here at cp-e™ we know that you don’t want to go faster, but instead you need to go faster. That need is why countless hours in R&D have been spent to develop the last turbo kit that you will ever need to look at for your Mustang EcoBoost. Behold the Mustang EcoBoost Borg Warner turbo kit! 

Introducing, Atmosphere™, the new Mustang EcoBoost Borg Warner Kit by cp-e™. The ultimate big turbo upgrade for your Mustang EcoBoost application that includes everything you need to take care of your need for speed and to take your car from a stock turbo to a new Borg Warner Twin Scroll Turbo.

Mustang EcoBoost Borg Warner Parts

This Mustang EcoBoost Borg Warner kit comes with an exhaust manifold specifically designed with flanges to fit Borg Warner Twin Scoll EFR Turbos. It comes in cast 304 stainless steel, and is designed to allow for the most efficient exhaust flow possible from the engine to the end of the downpipe. Protecting the manifold is a laser cut and CNC bent heatshield that fully encompasses the manifold. This heatshielding holds the heat in the manifold to keep the engine bay temperatures down, and eliminate the need for wrapping the manifold. cp-e™ even provides an extra O2 bung and EGT bung on the manifold if you need something to plug sensors into. Yes, even those bases were covered.

One of the shining pieces to this kit is by far the cp-e™ Mustang EcoBoost Downpipe. Made with 3.00” 304 stainless steel, this downpipe eliminates the stock catalytic converter to allow for smooth exhaust flow and transition. If you don’t already have a cp-e™ QKspl™ downpipe for the stock turbo, you’ll want to select an option that includes the rear downpipe section. If you already have our downpipe, you can save some money and modify your existing cp-e QKspl™ downpipe to re-use the rear section.

Please note that this is only tested to work with cp-e™ QKspl™ downpipes and choosing to reuse your existing downpipe will require cutting modification.

Mustang EcoBoost Borg Warner Construction

Also included are all of the silicone hoses that are required to give your turbo the air flow it needs, when it demands it, so that your Mustang EcoBoost can reach higher horsepower ranges. The factory charge pipe will need to be replaced when moving to a larger turbo, so we’ve included that in this kit. This charge pipe is tested to fit with our bolt-in stock location FMIC.

No turbo kit would be complete without the proper coolant and oil lines. cp-e™ has done it right once again by also supplying you with stainless steel braided –AN lines for your coolant and oil routing that will fit right in with your new setup. Additionally, we include a mandrel bent hard oil return line designed for perfect fitment. These lines are complete with crimp-on swivel fittings so that you can ensure a leak-free and easy installation. On top of that, heat shielding covers all of the lines. Also we’ve even gone as far as to make a custom CNC milled oil return fittings to provide the proper oil flow and perfect fitment.

Borg Warner Ecostang Turbo Kit

The modularity of this kit sets it apart. Not only will the kit will bolt-on with any cp-e™ products, but also allows you to upgrade your big turbo. Get a smaller Borg Warner EFR 7064 now, and easily swap in the Borg Warner EFR 9174 later. Everything stays the same; all you need to do is get the new turbo. This allows you to change your turbo quickly and easily based on your racing needs or track use. This turbo kit will satisfy your need for speed!

In order to maximize benefits, a big turbo needs a lot of air. We’ve created a 4″ intake pipe with a custom air filter to supply as much cold air as possible. This massive intake eliminates any possible

On top of it all, this kit comes in the new cp-e™ Titan™ finish. This finish not only looks beautiful, but also adds strength to the material and welds. This gives even more reliability to the kit; and more peace of mind to you. Plus – if THAT’S not enough, all cp-e™ products come with a lifetime warranty.

Potential Power Gains Over Stock Turbo

+67% Horsepower
+72% Torque

Borg Warner EFR Twin-Scroll Turbo Line Up


BW Borg Warner 7064


Borg Warner 7670


BW Borg Warner 8374


Borg Warner 9180

Not California emissions compliant | No implied CARB certification | Off-road use only

CALIFORNIA WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 22 × 11 in